FSCT Board of Directors and members networking in the 2023 ACCU Forum in Kathmandu
           Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) conducted
the 2023 ACCU Forum and AGM during 14-17 September 2023 at Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu in Nepal. Therefore, the Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives of Thailand Limited (FSCT) as a Regular Member of ACCU presented Board of Directors, members and staffs participated in the mentioned events. 
           For the 2023 ACCU Forum, 2 days Forum, during 15-16 September 2023 in theme of “Building Credit Union Momentum: Purpose, People, and Passion” The mentioned-forum was concerning about the relationship of SACCO/CU and Network Integration, Good Governance, Leadership, Climate Action, Digital Technology, and Payment Platform/Application.
           In the opening session program, there were 465 participants from 19 countries and also 20 cooperators from Thailand. Nepal Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (NEFSCUN)andNational Cooperative Bank Limited (NCBL),as co-host, provided a fantastic welcome performance to participants. Besides, Mr. Kim Younsik, ACCU President and NACUFOK Chairman & President addressed a welcome speech in the event.          
For the topic in 2 days forum by the leading resources speaker from other countries such as United State of America, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand etc.
Day 1 – Plenary 1:State of the Global Credit Union Movement
                          Plenary 2: From Bangkok Declaration to Action: Our Progress
                          and Next Steps 
                          Plenary 3: Leveraging Digital Technology to enhance member
                          experiences, Improve operational efficiency, and drive growth
                          Breakout session 1
                          1.1 Purpose: Financial Inclusion is Inherent to Credit Unions,
                                 but action is required
                          1.2 People: Credit Unions Mirror-Image the People who Govern
                                 and Run Them
                          1.3 Passion: Is Mission Drift a Challenge in the Credit Union
The co-host, NEFSCUN and NCBL , organized “Nepal Night” which provided the dinner and balance of Traditional & Contemporary performances in the first night of the forum.
           Day 2 – Plenary 4: ACCU’s International Credit Union Development
                          Plenary 5: The Triple Bottom Line; Why is it important for
                          Credit Unions?
                          Breakout session 2
                          2.1 Purpose: Going Above and Beyond Financial Services for
                      Member Empowerment
                          2.2 People: Building a Digitally Literate Membership of Credit
                                 Unions; Enabling them to live in the society of the future
                          2.3 Passion: Passion for People Differentiates Truly Great
                          Breakout session 3
                          3.1 Purpose: The Roadmap for the Financial Wellness of
                                 Employees and Members of Credit Unions
                         3.2 People: Is Training Leads to Positive Contribution in
                                 Building Quality People and Quality Credit Unions?
                          3.3 Passion: How do we Strengthen the Credit Union Value
                                 Proposition to Attract and Retain Talents?
Plenary 6: Living the Credit Union Difference, The Sauan Sibarrung Credit Union Experience
    Plenary 7: Forum Recommendationsand Closing
           The last night, NEFSCUN and NCBL organized “International Night” with the concert and cultural costume.
           In honor of Credit Union Central of Indonesia (CUCO) will host the ACCU Forum and AGM in Bali, Indonesiain September 2024. It is a great opportunity for Asian SACCO/CU leaders to exchange the ideas, information and experiences mutually again next year.
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