Virtual Credit Union Study Visit Program on May 6, 2022
        The Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives of Thailand Limited (FSCT) collaborated with Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) featuring Dental Hospital, Mahidol Faculty of Dentistry Savings and Credit Cooperative, Limited (DMD.SACCO) conducted Virtual Credit Union Study Visit Program on May 6, 2022. 
        DMD.SACCO was established on March 1, 1994 according to the registration certificate with 165 initial members and share capital of 1,299 USD. The purpose is to promoting on socio-economic among members by self-help and mutual help adhering to cooperative principle, supporting the members on savings scheme and providing lending services in order to relieve the members from financial difficulties for better quality of life. As of January 31, 2022, DMD.SACCO has 1,190 individual members, operating capital of 47.74 million USD, share capital of 12 million USD, reserve fund of 1.43 million USD, deposit of 23.42 million USD and loan to member of 37.58 million USD. umraniye escort The members of DMD.SACCO comprise of 12.84% of dentist and 87.16% of non-dentist (dental assistance-nurse and staff).
        Since March 2020, the situation of COVID-19 has affected to economy crisis in all sectors and also the dental services and businesses of Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University. It was temporarily paused to avoid the spreading infection from COVID-19 during dental work. It would be served just only for emergency case. These have affected to our member on their income and extra payment. Therefore, DMD.SACCO has launched a program of “Debt Relief” to decrease the interest rate, debt moratorium on principal and reduction on principal payment to its member in order to protect them from shark loans. 
        Besides, DMD.SACCO has supported the concept of family unit, as the foundation of society and country, to promote savings habit and not extravagant among members and their family. They will be free from any taksim escort liabilities and live happily according to Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.
(1 USD = 33.649 THB)
วันที่เขียนข่าว : 13 พ.ค. 2565
ผู้เขียนข่าว : FSCT
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