KFCC&FCST Leadership Exchange Program 2022 on site.
According to the bilateral between the Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives of Thailand Limited (FCST) and Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC), KFCC conducted the Leadership Exchange Program 2022 on site for 20 participants from FSCT during October 17-24, 2022 in Republic of Korea. The 8 days program provided the cultural immersion and study visit at KFCC headquarters in Seoul, MG Community Credit Cooperative History Museum in Sancheong and Honam Community Credit Cooperative in Jeju.
As a financial and credit cooperative, MG carries on the legacy of the more traditional forms of mutual aids in Korea to offer not only financial services, including credit and mutual aid services, as a cooperative, but also social services, including member welfare services and local community initiatives. By doing so, MG hopes to improve the quality of life of its members and further contribute to the development of both local communities and the national economy. MG means a variety of ideas related to concepts such as the life, living, success, meeting, pleasure, and neighborhood of its members. More specifically, it stands for “Maeul Geumgo”, “Make Good Life” (affluent life), and “Meet & Greet” (with neighbors).
The KFCC was created to support and supervise the management of MG’s business operations and to promote transparent practices. In doing so, the KFCC hopes to facilitate the sound development of MG. As the central bank of MG, the KFCC pursues common interests with MG nationwide through democratic  and rational decision making. It is the KFCC’s role to establish and implement a development strategy plan for sustainable growth. The KFCC, which consists of the headquarters and 13 regional headquarters across the country, creates a community of hope and happiness through financial networks based on responsible management, open management practices, specialization of human resources, and performance oriented innovation.    
In addition, FSCT also provided the mentioned program to KFCC’s President, Board of Directors and staffs, totally 21 people, on 17-24 November, 2022 in Thailand. We brought them to visit FSCT’s head office and Cooperative Museum in Nonthaburi, and cultural experiences in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Nan. Kasetsart University Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited in Bangkok and Nan Teacher Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited in Nan hosted the study visit to the Korean participants. 
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ผู้เขียนข่าว : FSCT
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